How to Create and Sell an NFT on Opensea for Free?

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Creating and selling a sailboat NFT on OpenSea for free.
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Creating and selling a sailboat NFT on OpenSea for free.

Key Takeaways:

  • OpenSea is an NFT marketplace that supports various blockchains for minting digital asset
  • ‘Lazy minting’ allows users to generate NFTs without upfront gas fees, but gas fees are required at the time of sale
  • Listing fees also needs to be paid if someone purchases your NFT

Can You Sell an NFT for Free on Opensea? The Step-By-Step Guide!

You cannot sell your NFTs for free on OpenSea because you will pay a fee of 2.5 % for every NFT you sell. 

What should be noted is that as of right now (April 2023) OpenSea allows to sell NFTs even for free for a limited time. 

One tip to save any upfront costs on OpenSea is by using their “lazy minting” feature. This innovative method allows users to generate NFTs without paying gas fees upfront, which are the transaction costs associated with Ethereum-based actions. 

Finally, pay the gas fees to make an NFT. You can just move these costs to the moment you sell the NFT, but you cannot omit them. 

The cost-effective approach has opened up opportunities for Crypto beginners and artists seeking affordable ways to enter the booming world of NFTs. 

For example, imagine an aspiring digital artist who wants to turn their artwork into a unique token but lacks the funds necessary for traditional minting methods—they can now do so through OpenSea’s platform, incurring no initial expenses.

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Step 1: Create an Account to Sell on Opensea

To begin your journey in the world of NFTs, creating an account on OpenSea is essential. 

The OpenSea platform is a popular NFT marketplace. 

This platform not only lets you sell and create NFTs for free, but it also supports different blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Flow, and Tezos to mint your digital assets.

With your shiny new account up-and-running, now comes the fun part – exploring the vast ocean of NFT opportunities. 

OpenSea offers a plethora of features like creating unique NFT artwork or items, creating a collection dedicated to a specific theme or topic (such as video games or pop culture), making fundraising campaigns more engaging with visually appealing tokens,and much more! 

So dive fearlessly into this exciting realm where creativity meets blockchain technology!

Step 2: Connect Your Ethereum Wallet to Opensea

First things first: you need to connect your Ethereum wallet to OpenSea. 

For this purpose, MetaMask is widely recommended as it’s easy to use and well-integrated with the marketplace.

Simply download the MetaMask extension for Chrome or Firefox and follow all instructions given to set up a new Ethereum wallet. This is done through injecting it to the browser. 

Once that’s done, head over to and click “Create” at the top right corner of their homepage. Connecting your Ethereum wallet to OpenSea is a crucial step before you can create and sell NFTs on the platform. 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose an Ethereum wallet:
    To begin, select a compatible wallet such as MetaMask Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, or Trust Wallet.
  2. Install the browser extension or mobile app:
    Depending on your chosen wallet, install its browser extension (for MetaMask) or download the mobile app (for Coinbase Wallet and Trust Wallet).
  3. Set up your wallet:
    Follow the instructions provided by your chosen wallet to create an account and securely store your recovery seed.
  4. Fund your wallet with ETH:
    Transfer some Ether (ETH) into your newly created wallet; you’ll need ETH in your wallet for potential transaction fees when interacting with OpenSea.
  5. Navigate to OpenSea:
    Visit on your web browser or mobile device.
  6. Connect your wallet:
    Click on the “Connect” button in the top right corner of OpenSea’s homepage; this will prompt you to choose which Ethereum network you’d like to use (Ethereum Mainnet or Polygon). Select one according to your preference.
  7. Authorize connection request:
    A pop-up window will appear asking for permission to connect your Ethereum wallet with OpenSea. Confirm this request by clicking “Connect” in the pop-up.

With these steps completed, you have successfully connected your Ethereum wallet to OpenSea, getting closer to creating and selling NFTs for free!

Step 3: Create an NFT Artwork or Item

Before you can sell your first NFT, creating a unique NFT artwork or item is necessary. 

Your creativity is the limit, and as long as it can be turned into a digital asset, you’re in business.

With the vast array of design tools available online for free, there are no excuses not to produce top-notch work. 

Even if you’re not an artist or NFT creator at heart, modern software like Adobe Illustrator allows anyone with basic knowledge of graphic design concepts to create something decent looking.

Last, when creating your NFT artwork or item on OpenSea, remember that uniqueness sells. 

You don’t have to create something completely new; instead, consider adding a personal touch or twist that sets yours apart from other similar offerings in the market.

In summary, creating your unique NFT artwork requires creativity and attention-to-detail. 

It’s important first to decide on what type of non-fungible token you want, then use readily available online resources such as Adobe Illustrator’s free trial versions along with their tutorials should help develop some proficiency quickly without breaking the bank.

Step 4: Mint NFTs on Opensea

Minting your NFT on OpenSea is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. 

Follow these steps to mint your first NFT:

  1. After connecting your Ethereum wallet and creating an account on OpenSea, click the “Create” button at the top right corner of the page.
  2. Select “Single” or “Multiple” to choose the type of NFT you want to create.
  3. Upload your NFT file by dragging and dropping it onto the upload area.
  4. Give your NFT a name, description, and add any additional information, such as edition size or royalty fees.
  5. Set a price for your NFT or choose to make it an auction listing with a starting bid and duration.
  6. Review and confirm all details before clicking “Create” to mint your NFT.

It is important to note that there are no costs associated with minting an NFT on OpenSea upfront by using ‘lazy minting’. Transaction fees will apply when buying or selling the NFT besides the minting fee the moment you sell them. 

Taking time when creating an NFT can increase its value and potential for sales success.

Step 5: List Your Artwork to Sell Your NFTs

Now that you have minted your unique NFT artwork or item, the next step is to list it for sale on OpenSea. 

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to your OpenSea account and click on “My Collections” in the top right corner.
  2. Select the NFT you want to list and click on “Sell.”
  3. Enter the price for which you want to sell your NFT.
  4. Choose if you want to sell it for a fixed price or auction it off.
  5. If you choose a fixed price, enter the amount and set the duration of time that your listing will be available.
  6. If you choose an auction, set the starting bid and the duration of time that your auction will last.
  7. Click on “Create Sale.”

Once your NFT is listed for sale, potential buyers can find it through search or browsing features in the OpenSea marketplace.

Remember, when setting a price for your NFT on OpenSea, keep in mind transaction fees and market demand for similar NFTs in order to create a competitive offering.

With these simple steps, you can now list and sell your very own Ethereum-based NFTs on the OpenSea marketplace for free! Remember that the moment you sell something, the fees will apply. 

This won’t be a big deal as you will earn more than you will need to pay, so no upfront costs are needed! Happy selling!

Tips for Selling Your NFT or NFT Collection on Opensea

Selling an NFT on OpenSea can be a profitable venture, but it’s important to approach it strategically to maximize your earnings. 

Here are some tips for selling your NFT on OpenSea:

  1. Research other successful NFT sales:
    Before listing your NFT, take some time to investigate what types of NFTs are selling well and what factors contribute to their success.
  2. Price competitively:
    Consider how many buyers will spend on similar NFTs and set a price that is competitive while still reflecting the value of your creation.
  3. Use high-quality visuals:
    Make sure that the images of your NFT accurately represent its quality and appeal, as this will influence potential buyers’ interest in purchasing it.
  4. Leverage social media:
    Promote your NFT sale on social media channels such as Twitter or Instagram to increase exposure and drive traffic to your OpenSea listing.
  5. Offer limited editions:
    Creating limited edition versions of your NFT can make it more exclusive and desirable.
  6. Engage with potential buyers:
    Respond quickly to questions or inquiries from interested parties as this can help build rapport and potentially lead to a sale.
  7. Stay active in the marketplace:
    Consistently updating or refreshing your listings can keep them top-of-mind for potential buyers browsing the platform.
  8. Be patient:
    It may take time for your NFTs to gain traction, so staying patient throughout the process is essential to ensuring success on OpenSea.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of selling your NFT for a higher price and making a profit in OpenSea’s popular marketplace.


How Do I Sell NFT on Opensea?

To sell an NFT on OpenSea, you need to first connect your Ethereum wallet to the platform. 

Once connected, navigate to your profile icon and select the NFT you want to sell from your wallet.

From there, click “sell” and set a fixed price or choose an auction format with a starting bid and end time. It’s also important to add descriptive metadata and high-quality images of your artwork or item for potential buyers.

If you’re new to creating NFTs, OpenSea offers resources such as beginner guides and tutorials on how to create and list an NFT for sale on their platform.

How to Sell NFT for Free?

To sell an NFT for free on OpenSea, users need to follow a few simple steps. 

First, they must connect their Ethereum wallet to the platform and create an account. 

Once logged in, users can create their unique NFT artwork or item and then mint it on OpenSea, paying no fees.

It’s important to note that while selling an NFT on OpenSea is free, there may still be transaction fees involved, depending on the blockchain being used. 

Setting a reasonable price for your NFT and choosing a secure transaction method are key factors in successfully selling your digital asset.

Where Can I Sell NFT for Free?

If you’re wondering where you can sell your NFT for free, then OpenSea is a great option. 

It is one of the most popular and user-friendly NFT marketplaces available today.

The platform lets you create and sell NFTs with no listing fees and only charges a small transaction fee when an item sells. As long as you have an Ethereum wallet connected to the platform, you can easily create and list your unique digital assets for sale.

Besides its low cost structure, OpenSea has a large audience of buyers who are actively looking for new NFT creations to purchase, making it easier for sellers to find interested buyers quickly.

How to Sell NFT on Opensea Without Paying Gas Fees?

Selling an NFT on OpenSea without paying gas fees is possible by following a few steps. 

First, it’s important to mint your NFT on days other than Tuesdays and Thursdays when gas fees are higher.

Second, platforms like OpenSea and Rarible can offer free minting options for selling NFTs. To sell your NFT on OpenSea, simply create an account and connect your Ethereum wallet through Metamask or another compatible wallet.

Then, create your unique artwork or item as an NFT and set a fixed price for it on ETH. Keep in mind that the person who pays the gas fees when an item is sold depends on the transaction.

Conclusion: Opportunity to Sell NFTs for Free on OpenSea

OpenSea provides an excellent opportunity for anyone to create NFTs for free. 

This way you also can create an NFT collection for free. 

What should be kept in mind is that listing and selling your NFTs will cost fees. Also, the minting fees need to be paid as well, so there is no way to sell your NFT minting for free. You can use ‘lazy minting’ to pay the fees after the sale instead of upfront

This will allow you to do everything for free and if you sell nothing, you won’t need to spend anything. 

Selling NFTs involves connecting your Ethereum wallet to the platform, creating a unique artwork or item, minting it on OpenSea, and listing it for sale with a fixed price or timed auction.

By following our step-by-step guide outlined above, you can easily start selling your NFTs by paying no gas fees. With the popularity of NFTs constantly growing, creators and collectors profit from this new digital asset space in exciting ways. 



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